Friday, November 9, 2007

Decription of a Heartbreak

When your heart breaks the world becomes monochrome. People speak gibberish. They profess their understanding but everything swirls away. You can see the words, the color swirling out into the atmosphere while you smile and nod and shake hands and hug patting them lightly on the back, knowing with certainty that we all understand nothing. When your heart breaks you feel the cold, relentless winds of change but are helpless to stop them. You feel the universe turn, picking you up, sweeping you forward; you just don't care because fractured ice crystals live where your heart once was, piercing your chest, turning your insides blue and arctic. Dark, starless skies fill your head; your feet drag endlessly through the sands of time in a monochrome world that you can't resist, from which you can't break free, while you slowly turn to ice, when your heart is broken.