Sunday, January 18, 2009

How We Got To Harbour Island

This trip we flew from JFK International directly to Nassau, Bahamas. After passing a restful evening at the lovely Hilton we woke early to catch the Fast Ferry directly to Briland.

At the ticket window. Since it was just several days before Christmas there were many local folk getting ready to visit Harbour Island, as well as other tourists.

The cost was reasonable, seating comfortable (inside and out), crew amenable, nice little snack bar. The ferry actually lifts up out of the water. It was amazing to know as we came close to some of the islands and the channels could not have been that deep that such a large boat could actually navigate shallow waters.The Fast Ferry that we were on is the farthest away in this photograph.

First stop was Spanish Wells. Here is their harbor.

Spanish Wells is a commercial fishing community located in the north-central Bahamas, considered to be the fishing capital of the Bahamas, with crawfish (spiny lobster) being the main catch.

But as you can see from by the number of people on the docks, the beautiful blue waters, and the ease of access by Ferry or other boats, Spanish Wells is a great place to visit, too.

As the ferry pulled away I took photograhs of the main street.

Saying good-bye to Spanish Wells and looking forward to docking on Harbour Island.