Friday, March 6, 2009

Last Night I Had A Dream...

Last night, in my dreams, I was trying to ride a pure white, double-humped camel. He was covered in a soft, white saddle-blanket and he wasn’t exactly cooperative. I had wanted to ride the beautiful black horse that had stood beside him and was dressed in fine Arabian or Turkish style elaborate, beautiful blankets, leathers, bangles and baubles, but someone else grabbed him and rode off.

I was trying to escape from murderers who were killing people all around where I was hidden. The people who rode in on the black stallion and white camel had fallen under their sword. I scrambled from my hiding spot and headed for the horse who I knew would be swifter, but as I said, another leg swung over the saddle and he was gone. Someone else was with me, but I only knew this from feeling, I did not see my companion. The camel’s halter was too large for him making it difficult to control him, hold him still so we could mount and escape. He moved in circles and I could not mount to sit between the two humps which is where I felt I should be to ride the beast properly. I was frantically looking for lead ropes to tie to either side of the halter that I could use as reins.

I remember finally pulling the halter tight and tying a knot up behind his ears to make it fit properly. Then my invisible companion handed me a rope. The camel was amazingly clean, his whiteness and his brown eyes looking right at me struck me deeply; the image stuck with me for some reason as I frantically wretched his head and neck to one side, so that I could tie on the rope and escape the madness.

Then things became very confused. I believe I had reins and was finally mounted, though I know not how. I was frantically trying to make the camel run away, arms waving, heels kicking, but we moved at a painfully slow pace. Again, I had the sense that I was not alone but never saw who was with me. Then I woke up.

I don’t know if I escaped the danger or if I was brutally murdered as the other unfortunate, unsuspecting people had been. What could this mean?

Monday, March 2, 2009


I yearn for a house in the country,
wild, dancing fields of grass,
full moon darkness of a pine forest at noon,
scent of dampness from the laughing brook's bank.

I yearn for the big dog
silently shadowing, pacing through fields of horses, my children waiting on the other side;
where I can be naked, my hair bathed in starshine,
feet anointed with the morning mist.

I yearn for a home in the depths of the country.
Hush listen:
twittering birds, rutling leaves,
kissing of wind on gentle, smooth skin,
happy in nature's household.