Monday, December 13, 2010

Grammie Conn's Molasses Cookies

Cookies are great any time of year, especially if you are a child, and this holiday season brought to mind my Grammie Conn’s Molasses Cookies.  She made them all year long and always had some stored in a tin high on the shelf in the pantry. Going to Grammie’s house was fun for so many reasons, but there was nothing so exciting as coming through the door and being given the privilege of collecting the kitchen stool, carrying it to the back of the pantry and reaching for the tin, knowing a cold glass of milk would be waiting on the kitchen table. I would happily help Grammie with all kinds of chores if I was going to be rewarded with molasses cookies.

Click on the photo for the easy recipe and you can enjoy Grammie's cookies too.