Friday, March 11, 2011


Love, sacrifice, but is it enough when you know someone is waiting in the wings making you replaceable, obsolete - shoring up your skewed view. Once again, are you ready to take on your true responsibilities?

That is quite comical, you most likely pass them on. They are willing, so it is right - that makes it all right. What does love have to do with it? Not one damn thing.

Is it need speaking louder than personal responsibility? What they do not know will not hurt them.

Make me some promises...throw me some money, make it better, for a moment or two...firewood, cases of wine, send me on a trip; buy my car, my furniture, my house, my life.

What is it you want, really, right now, this moment? Isn't that fine! Doesn’t my generosity make me look good, make me appear kind?  How lucky am I? How lucky are you then? And how happy are you; no... really.

Come on, buy in. I have paid for your happiness, haven't I sacrificed my dollars to you?  You must be happy enough. Obviously...I am.  I can do what I want as long as I pay you. That should be enough.

By the way, do you think things would be so well taken care of if I was not here?

Do you think a phone call from the wolves is enough? So let them call. Let them eat you up. It is their nature.

One should not complain, when that is what you were paid for.