Friday, April 6, 2012


OK, been a long time, been cookin'.  Yeah, I do that. Puttin' up my Preserves and Pickles, and I am feeling a bit Sons of Anarchy in the moment, (damn that man has a BIG head) which brings me to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and Company of Thieves, which then begs the question, have you seen it yet, Live From Daryl’s House?  Seriously, you have got to check it out.  I have a number of favorite episodes, but tonight, all my favorites start with No Sunglasses: Sharon Jones, Neon Trees, Company of Thieves, and my favorite of all time, Smokey Robinson. 

Oh damn – the glasses were on for Smokey.  Hey, but T-Bone and Smokey have dueling hats, totally counting that towards the like factor. Guess this essay izn’t following through, but Smokey and his Entourage, damn, c’mon. You wanna talk sweet as a bird, you talk Smokey. And the man still look fine: I laughed, I cried….ahhh, Smokey, tickle my emotions. Make me wish I could express, in song…Oh yeah, that’s right, I do, in my own home, which is not quite like Live From Daryl’s, but hey…but hey, I can make it Live from MY House and sing-a-long, can’t I?

Better yet, Mr. Hall was enamored – didn’t see anything like that in the 80’s…tried not to be, but he was( in total like) – who wouldn’t be? Humanness, both sides of the fence; so refreshing.

Check it out and find your favorite LFDH.  C’mon, don’t tell me that don’t put a smile on your face. And do not ask me why I have a problem with my S's or I will go all Hunter Thompson on you.